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​There has been a lot of discussion about the Section 199A deduction relating to sale of grain to a cooperative in the new tax bill. This is a good article breaking down the tax savings and explaining how it could work:

However, remember that NO regulations have been issued and it is very apparent that the final version of the law may not have been what was initially intended. There are many individuals and groups are working to “FIX” it. The “FIX” may remove or reduce this benefit, but it is really too early to tell.

As stated by Paul Neiffer, "The bottom line is that nobody really knows what the final result of Section 199A will be, but we do know there is activity from both cooperative and private groups to help find a solution. We know what the Code says now, but it is very apparent there are Senators trying to change the wording of the Code. Until this is resolved, be very careful what any advisor or firm says about maximizing this deduction."
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